I6 grow lights 600w

I-6 Series LED Grow Lights 600W 8 Bars Light Input 220-240V for Indoor Farming and Plant

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Feature: LED: Osram’ 3030 LEDs has very good reputation in the lighting industry, with stable performance, high luminous efficiency, good quality and long life span. The lighting effect for LED grow light is excellent Driver: UL Certified power supply, 100-277 VAC, with good heat dissipation to ensure good operation to ensure good operation of the LED grow light fixture, glue insider for IP65 waterproof degree Control: Our products can be dimmed by remote control 0-10v and timing to meet the growth of the plant to adjust the plant’s illumination in different stages the growth of plant lights, flexible. Application: Grow Tent, Industry hemp growth Green house, Marijuana cannabis lighting Horticulture lighting, Indoor planting growth Hydroponic cultivation, Farming research Seeding: 20 hours/4 hours or 18 hours/6 hours Vegetable: 20 hours/4hours or 18 hours/6 hours Flowering: 12 hours/ 12 hours Recommendation for adjusting the height between led grow light and the plants growing stage Seeding: Height 150-160cm Vegetable: Height 120-140cm Flowering: Height 50-70cm Basic Specification:
Power 600W (8pcs Bar Lights) Input AC100-277VAC
Full Spectrum 300-800-nm Dimmable 0-10V
Beam Angle 0-320 degrees PPFD-8” 1600 umol/s
Lumen lux 84000 lm Life time 50000 hours
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