UV Light table version 38W / 60W / 150W

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Feature 1) Using quartz glass ultraviolet lamp tube, high transmittance, better sterilization effect 2) Circular three-dimensional design. 3) UV+Ozone=Double Sterilization, Sterilization rate is 99%, Eliminate mites rate is 100% 4) Remove dust mites, formaldehyde odor, purified air. Product features 1.With remote controler 2.Portable 3.with 5000 hours long life span 4.Attractive looking 5.Anti virus
Power 38W/60W/150W Type UV Sterilization Lamp
Ozone Or Not Ozone Lamp Life 20000 hours
House Color Black Sterilizer UV
IP IP20 Control Type Electric remoter Timing
Picture dff Usage A: Dry your toothbrush after use and put it into the holder. B: To use the toothpaste pushing device, you need to take it out first, then put toothpaste into it, and make sure the toothpaste head(the thread part)is totally in the device (It's recommended to use new toothpaste at the first time for easy push.) C For used toothpaste, please squeeze the inside air to the end of the toothpaste before putting it into the pushing device. D: For the first-time use, push the pushing slot for a couple of times to remove he inside air, since the toothpaste volume you get is relevant to the pushing depth Use method and notes 1) Plug-in: Switch on when you plug in and off when you unplug. Can be moved 2) Remote control: Remote control switch 3) Intelligent induction: Intelligent induction switch, automatically close after setting the sterilization time. Sterilization time is 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes, according to the area size of the selection 4) The scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection: Mainly act on the DNA of microorganisms, damages the DNA structure, makes it lose the function of reproduction and self-replication, thus achieving the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet Sterilization has the advantage of colorless, odorless and no chemical residue. 5) When the ultraviolet lamp is working, please make sure that the human and animal are not in the same room, especially the ultraviolet lamp should not be turned on to close, so as not to cause harm. 6) Long time exposure to ultraviolet light will cause harm to human body (animals), eyes, also when sealed disinfection, people, animals need to leave the room. After the sterilization work is completed, unplug the power supply, open the doors and windows for ventilation. 7) Generally 2-4 times a week can be eliminated. 8) Lamp tube life is 8000 hours, 1 year warranty. If the lamp tube damage, simply changed the lamp tube to continue to use. 9) The ultraviolet does not harm to the clothing and household within a reasonable irradiation time.

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