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Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of modern lighting products in China. Our LED tube lights provide an energy-efficient, long-lasting solution for a variety of indoor lighting needs. Our LED tube lights come in various lengths, from 2 to 8 feet, and are available in a variety of color temperatures, from warm white to cool white, to suit different applications. Our LED tubes can be used in a range of indoor settings such as offices, workshops, schools, hospitals, and homes. Our LED tube lights have many advantages over traditional fluorescent tubes. They consume less energy, last longer, have no flicker, and emit less heat. They are also environmentally friendly, with no hazardous materials such as mercury, and can be easily recycled. At Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products with competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our LED tube lights and how they can provide efficient, bright lighting for your indoor spaces.
  • Introducing our high-quality LED Tube Lights, the perfect solution for all your lighting needs! Our LED tubes provide exceptional performance and efficiency, with long-lasting durability and reliability. Our LED tube lights are equipped with powerful diodes that emit bright, energy-efficient light, which provides optimal illumination in any setting. You'll see a significant reduction in your power consumption thanks to our eco-friendly LED technology. Our LED tube lights are easy to install; simply remove your existing fluorescent fixture and replace it with our LED tube light. You won't have to change your existing electrical setup since our LED tube lights can operate without a ballast. With a long operational life of up to 50,000 hours, our LED tube lights provide consistent, bright illumination for years to come, with minimal maintenance required. Our sturdy, high-quality construction ensures that our LED tube lights are strong, durable, and resistant to shocks and vibrations. At our company, we're committed to providing only the highest quality products, which is why our LED tube lights come with a 5-year warranty. Our team of lighting professionals are available to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have during or after your purchase. If you're looking for an innovative, energy-efficient lighting solution for your home, office or any commercial setting, our LED Tube Lights are the perfect choice.
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